About the Argentine Chamber of Biotechnology

Argentina affords a range of comparative advantages due to its natural, human and scientific resources. The Chamber seeks to increase the country’s leading role in biotechnology at regional level, encouraging coordination of valuable joint efforts across stakeholders from a wide range of sectors with the aim to strengthen Argentina as a biotechnology player.

A core strategy of the Chamber is the search for national and international financing programs through organizations and institutions capable of proactively supporting the development and consolidation of biotechnology. To that end, the Chamber works synergically with the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Production Innovation, as well as with the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Chamber’s working plan includes building an updated and comprehensive map of the scientific, technological and production offer in Argentina.

Additionally, the Chamber has a commitment to help raise awareness of the importance of Biotechnology with public opinion and the mass media.